Knee Surgery Leadership Lessons

The weeks following a major surgery may seem like a strange time to learn about leadership. And that’s the first lesson: slow down! We’re so busy “leading”, moving on to the next project, solving the next problem that we never take the time to think about HOW we’re leading. If you don’t take time to reflect and gain perspective, you are destined to

Authenticity, Being Uncomfortable and Meetings

“Authenticity” and “Being Uncomfortable”.  I think there’s a lot in those two concepts that the event industry could learn.  So I spoke with my colleague Katie Callahan-Giobbi because she knows the event industry, she’s super smart, and I knew she would have some great reactions to the concepts of “Being Authentic” and “Being Uncomfortable”.  She did not disappoint.

Team Building, You Say? | Team Building in Chicago

I have a lot of requests from clients for “team building”.  It’s become clear to me that everyone means something slightly different when they say “team building”.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps we could all benefit from some shared understanding when we’re using the term.

In my experience “team building” falls into one of two categories:

A Planner's Perspective to Team Building | Team Building Chicago

 asked my planner colleagues what their clients mean when they say “teambuilding”.  The results were very interesting.  I was struck by how much a charitable element appeared in their comments.  I was also impressed (as I always am by my planner colleagues) by how cognizant they are that their client may have different meanings for “teambuilding”.  Below is a collection

The new website is here! The new website is here!

Welcome to CSz Theater Chicago’s new website! Our ether face now better reflects our diverse and dynamic 3D operations in the heart of the Windy City’s vibrant Lakeview neighborhood: we’ve got new branding and intuitive navigation to encompass the clarity and energy of our flagship, family-friendly game based improvisation ComedySportz shows, founded in 1987, as well as adult content Signature shows, corporate shows and workshops, group and special events business, customized school and faith community presentations, Training Center classes, the next generation of improvisation via our House Teams, and