Rene Duquesnoy is a veteran of improv, the Air Force, and life. He performs around town with hiphop improv shows like Beatbox, Rapture, and Haterade. Rene wants to play in all of the ComedySportz around the world. He has already played at: Austin, Buffalo, Chapel Hill, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Manchester, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Portland, Provo, Quad Cities, Richmond, Sacramento, San Jose, Seattle, Twin Cities, and Washington DC. Rene is also a big time gamer. He is a 5 star game master for Pathfinder RPG, and enjoys board games such as Battlestar: Galactica, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, and Telestrations. Rene has a lovely wife named Jaime and 2 cats. Ariel hates Oscar.  Rene also likes running and will try to get you to run a race with him. What are you doing Saturday at 8 A.M.?