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A Chicago Comedy Show For Every Day This Week
by Theresa Boyle
The Sundaze
April 25, 2016

Saturdays offer THREE chances to see the Downtown Chicago Bosses take on another team in Chicago’s best competitive comedy show. This is ‘clean’ fun so feel free to take your kids and grandma- just buy your tickets in advance as they often sell out.

The Best Comedy and Theater Shows in Chicago
by Spencer Shore
March 3, 2016

If you’ve been known to binge-watch episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway? you’ll feel right at home in Chicago’s home of short-form comedy. Since 1987, ComedySportz has slickly combined elements of athletic competition, empty-headed humor, and terrible/incredible puns into an exciting and engaging family-friendly show.

Chicago: A Funny Town
by Geri Bain
AAA Home Away
February 26, 2016

ComedySportz, known for its short-form, game-based improv, has theaters across the U.S. and in Europe; Chicago is among the largest. Its high-energy format pits “home vs. visitor” teams in theater-game competitions with audience cheering determining the winners. There are shows Thursday through Saturday, plus a Friday night Get On Up, where everyone has a chance to step on stage and join the games. 

The Coolest Improv Shows for Kids
by Kelly Aiglon
Red Tricycle
February 18, 2016

"Besides the competing teams aspect appealing to sports lovers, it’s clean, smart comedy that entertains all ages — which can be tough to come by."

5 Great Saturday Family Date Nights in Chicago
by Katalin Rodriguez
Chicago Now!
January 24, 2016

A Night of Laughter – Go to the Saturday night 6pm show. Tickets are $23 each.  At first I thought I was spending too much money for my family of 5.  But the show was worth every dollar.  The show was totally age appropriate and the audience was filled with kids. The actors involve the audience constantly and there was no drink minimum. I purchased drinks because we were there for about 2 hours and I spent $20.00.  I called and bought my tickets over the phone to avoid Ticketmaster fees and saved some money too.

The Top Comedy Venues in Chicago
Time Out Chicago
January 20, 2016

At ComedySportz, one of a number of franchises around the country to sport that name, competitive short-form improv is the name of the game(s). Teams face off against one another to create scenes and songs based on audience suggestions, with a referee guiding the proceedings. Notably, the main attraction is clean and kid-friendly, though the improvisers go "blue" at late-night shows.

Where to go to laugh while The Second City undergoes repairs
by Sean Ely
RedEye Chicago
September 15, 2015

You watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” growing up and fell in love with short-form, faced-paced improvisation. Yeah, us too. And ComedySportz gives that same rush as two teams “battle for your laughter” as a referee paces the show. Get to a show Thursday through Saturday for about $25 and prepare to laugh your face off.

5 Great Comedy Classes: Second City and iO Chicago aren’t the only places to hone your funny.
Chicago Magazine
September 15, 2015

ComedySportz Theatre: With their high-velocity brand of funny, instructors at this Lakeview theater teach students to toss zingers like pros. $

REVIEW: ComedySportz
Newcity Chicago
July 27, 2015


A brand since 1984, in Chicago since 1987 and in their current digs on Belmont since 2007, ComedySportz has clearly hit on a winning formula, proudly maintaining the title of longest-running short-form-improv comedy show in Chicago and extending that run every week. And short form it is, with quick, fast-paced games (most familiar to anyone with a little exposure to improv) making up the majority of the ninety-minute running time, which plays out as a competition between a blue home team (the Chicago Bosses) and a red visiting team (the Lyle Lovetts on the night I attended). Read more...

7 Ways Improv is like Parenting
by Shannan Younger
(between us parents)
July 27, 2015

We recently attended an improv show at ComedySportz in Chicago with my tween daughter and her friend, and it was a great night full of laughs.

If you haven’t heard of ComedySportz, it’s a fun approach to improv. A “match” features two teams, each with three players, competing for laughs and points by playing improv games. A with a referee keeping things moving and calling fouls. The teams plan, on average, between seven to twelve games in a match. Each show is different both because there are over 100 possible games and because there is some audience input.

The games are not about sports, it’s just a sports set up. And it’s a family-friendly one, focusing on smart, clean comedy. The more game the teams played, the more I got to thinking about how improv and parenting overlap a bit. Here are X ways improv is like parenting.