The Chicago School of Professional Improvisation  is designed to prepare promising improvisers to audition and work at a professional level.  This advanced program trains improvisers in short form, game based improvisation, and hosting skills which are essential for pursuing paid improv work.

Upon completion of The School, students will get a four-week run at ComedySportz, performing a 45 minute short form show created in the Professional Application level.  

The prerequisite to audition for Level One is a year of training at CSz, Second City, Annoyance or iO, or instructor consent. 

Registration will open for 2019 Term Two on February 6!

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LEVEL 1 - Context and Environment


LEVEL 1: Context and Environment focuses on the skill set to play some of ComedySportz's prized games like sideline games and the hardest game in ComedySportz, 5 Things.  Each week a new skill will be taught from gibberish to object work to creating environments and eventually the art of guessing.

LEVEL 2 - Cracking the Game

LEVEL 2:  Cracking the Game teaches advanced  improvisers the understanding and cracking of the basic structure of the most common improv games.  Improvisers will learn how to find patterns, develop blueprints of game types and be taught the skill set to create their own games through advanced theory teaching.  

LEVEL 3 - Hosting & Advanced Musical Improv


LEVEL 3: Hosting & Advanced Musical Improv will take your scenes to new levels. Learn how to host each game with confidence while also adding the element of music to your scenes and games.

LEVEL 4 - Your Audience, Your Show

LEVEL 4: Your Audience, Your Show  explores performer polish, hosting for and interacting with an audience, and utilizing one's strengths to maximize integrity in play. There is a performance following this level.


LEVEL 5 - Professional Application

LEVEL 5: Professional Application is designed to culminate your School experience and combine all levels of knowledge to finalize a fully formed short form show.  With a honed skill set and sharpened game awareness, improvisers will create their own 45 minute show and learn what it takes to produce a ComedySportz-like experience.  



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All classes will be at the CSz Theater Chicago in our Training Center. 

For information on classes, e-mail

For information about the Training Center space, contact the space manager at

Rentals in our two spaces for your rehearsals are available seven days a week! Rentals are $15/hr for rooms fitting 15 people.

(We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.)

contact 773-549-8080 x230 for more info!