What to bring

This year, you can submit your headshot and resume ahead of time using this form. If you are unable to upload your headshot/resume, or prefer to bring a paper copy of these items, you are welcome to do so.


If you bring a paper copy, please print or staple your headshot and resume back-to-back, so each is facing outward (like the front and back cover of a book).

Otherwise, please show up in comfortable clothes (preferably business-casual) and be ready to have fun! 

what to expect

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to sign in with our staff.

Shortly before your timeslot, one of our staff will lead a warm-up exercise to help you get acquainted with the rest of your group.

For your audition, your group will perform a short montage of scenes together. We are eager to see everyone take part, so if you have been hanging back, make an effort to take part in a scene. Also... we are eager to see everyone take part, so if you've been in several scenes, take the opportunity to yield the stage to those who have not had as much stage time yet. Our focus here is on ensemble play and support, as well as both offering and reacting to strong, clear initiations.

You will then be paired up with another member of your group and asked to perform a slightly longer two-person scene. Our focus is on strong scenework and connection with your partner. There may be a musical element involved with your scene. We absolutely know that's a terrifying prospect, but don't panic! We value energy and enthusiasm just as much as musical skill. As long as you're having fun and committed to the scene, we'll enjoy it!

If time permits, we may select certain players to perform an additional scene. If you are or are not selected to do an additional scene, it's not a good or a bad thing; we just wanted to see a bit more to help our decision. We may also ask the entire group to take part in a short line game, such as "World's Worst" or "185."

waitlist information

Each audition slot has 10 available spaces. However, at our discretion we may invite those on our waitlist to join an audition group if time and space is available.

If an audition slot opens up before the day of the audition, we will contact those on our waitlist to let them know there is a slot available.

If you are on our waitlist and your preferred time isn't available, you may wait to see if additional space opens up in a later audition slot. While we cannot guarantee a spot, we will do our best to see everyone.

If you are unable to make your audition slot for any reason, please let us know no less than 48 hours in advance so that we can open that space to those on our waitlist. If possible, we will reschedule you to another audition time slot, or add you to the waitlist.

As people who also take the CTA, drive on Chicago interstates, and have imperfect immune systems, we understand that conflicts may arise unexpectedly. If you have a last-minute conflict that prevents you from giving us notice, please email with the reason as early as possible so we can attempt to accommodate you in a new time slot and open up your spot to those on the waitlist.

No-call/no-shows for auditions are recorded for future reference.

missed audition slots

The ComedySportz Chicago roster rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm. All new members of the roster will be expected to attend ALL scheduled rehearsals. There will also be additional new player training during their first 5 weeks after casting.

ComedySportz performs on Thursdays at 8pm, Fridays at 8pm, and Saturdays at 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm. We expect players to have regular availability for the majority of these time slots, though we can accommodate reasonable conflicts.

House Teams will set their own rehearsal schedules after casting, and typically rehearse weekly and perform every other Sunday. Our House Teams spend several weeks creating an original show based on shortform games and a theme of their choosing. Each House Team will perform together for one year.


Use the "upload" option on the Audition Information Form to submit your headshot and resume.

Please include both your headshot and resume in a single document (.pdf or .doc format) with your headshot on one page and your resume on the other. Document should be two total pages.

If you can't submit your headshot and resume using this form, please bring a paper copy of both to your audition.

to upload your headshot/resume

Best of luck, and thank you for auditioning!