The CSz Business Chicago ensemble isn’t just funny onstage. They are funny when mingling with your guests during a cocktail hour. They are funny when bringing life to your trade show exhibit space or sales pitch. They are funny when they are taking your specific marketing points to the public in an engaging, authentic way.  You bring the event, we’ll bring the funny.



Party Refs make a major league event out of any gathering! Based on an advance conversation with a member of our creative team, Party Refs can dovetail with your program in a variety of ways.

Some examples:

  • Fulfill the role of "host" for presentations, awards, etc. or play sidekick to your organization's designated host.
  • Provide roaming interactive fun during mingling/open itinerary times.
  • Lead participants in a group warm-up to break the ice.
  • Call "Party Fouls and "Party Challenges" to have fun with your guests while keeping your event on track.
  • Include a short performance where your organization is the star of the show.
  • Party Refs can be accompanied by a ComedySportz Musical Director to provide an extra note of fun to your event.



Our professional improvisers make the perfect host or emcee for your fundraising event, corporate awards banquet, annual meeting any event that needs to be fast, smart and funny. CSz Business Chicago will learn about your themes and goals for the event and help craft content that exceeds your expectations.


You can find $15/hour event staff from any temp agency. And you’ll get what you pay for. If you NEED professional, prompt, and self-sufficient promotional staffing; CSz Business Chicago provides unique, highly skilled experiential marketing talent.

Your Field and Event Managers will love working with talent from CSz Business Chicago because our emcees, street teams, and spokespeople arrive prepared and ready to engage the public.

Watch the video to the left to see how CSz Business Chicago transformed a normal trade show into a Tour de Force.


We also write things! Funny things!  But being funny isn’t the goal when we’re writing sketches.  Our goal is to get your message across in a way that is memorable, interesting, and impactful.  Oh, and it should be funny, too.  So next time you’re preparing a huge power point deck for an annual address or all-staff meeting, stop yourself.  There’s a better way to get your message across.


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"I love working with Greg. From the first phone conversation I knew that he was going to deliver on our needs. He goes above and beyond on client service and is a pleasure to work with. I trust his knowledge and have gone back to him for suggestions for talent recommendations that are sometimes out of the norm of ComedySportz Chicago and he delivers."

Kathryn R. -Trade Show Talent

"I thought Tim was a great choice as party ref and we so appreciated his skill, ease, and manner in facilitating the entire evening, including the music party afterwards. So thanks!! I will not hesitate to recommend ComedySportz to anyone I speak to!"

Stephanie L. -Party Refs

"[CSz Business Chicago] did a great job at covering the 2015 LDI topics in an entertaining and meaningful way. I learned more from their sketches than I would from someone reviewing the topics over PPT."

Kathryn R. -Trade Show Talent

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